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2/22 Drabble/Head canon words: nature, ocean, beach, forest, flowers, trees, animals.

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Horses: What do you think about the new equestrian center? Have you tried interacting with the horses?
Has the new island addition been something you have liked so far?
Cows: Do you prefer to take the monorail or the boat to the new island? Why?
Oxen: What do you want to see in the future on other island additions?
Sheep: With the addition of new jobs: Do you find yourself to be a hard worker? Why or why not?
Rams: Have you been to any of the new restaurants or stores yet? What did you think, if you have?
Llamas: What sports do you want to see added to the roster? Why? 
Alpacas: Are there any clubs you want to see or be a part of? Why?


Not so long ago the small boy woke up in front of a huge and beautiful palace.  Why was he there? When did he got here? But most importantly, Where was he? He surely knew this wasn’t the dear Kamui Academy he was in a while back ago. "The only thing I can remember before waking up in here was reading this letter to join a certain academy and going to sleep in my dorm…how weird. And for some reason I even packed up a bag! I don’t remember doing that". After thinking all this kind of questions the boy thought it was better to start searching for an answer instead of just thinking and thinking more.

Finally, Takeru stood up and entered the palace. Everything was very fascinating and huge, he felt he was the only one in here, nonetheless, he kept walking determined to find an answer. All of a sudden while he was walking, he heard a voice from behind. Takeru turned around and saw a boy (what he thought) who was about the same age as him and asked him a question.


"O-Oh…to be honest.." he stops and adjusts his hat a bit before continuing "…I don’t know anything about this place either. I was actually trying to find it out so…do you want to tag along?"

The boy he’d approached seemed to be about the same age as him, with blond hair poking out from beneath a hat. Shindou had hoped that he’d picked someone who knew more about the place, but it appeared that the blond boy was just as new to the situation as he was.

"I see." Shindou sighed, looking around at the building. "If you don’t mind, I’ll go with you. We seem to be in the same situation, anyway." The two walked on for a few steps, and Shindou could only expect that the other boy was trying to take in his surroundings as he was. It certainly wasn’t like anything he’d really seen before (and he’d seen a lot of weird places). If he was honest with himself, he felt completely out of his depth… Still, his plan was to find out why he was here, how he got here, and do his best to get back to the Raimon he loved. Surely the soccer club would have realised he was gone by now, wouldn’t they? Ah, they were supposed to have a few matches, too. What kind of problem is this…

He suddenly turned back to the blond as he walked. “I’m sorry, perhaps we should have introduced ourselves..?” He begins, letting his words catch the other’s attention. He almost can’t believe such a conversational necessity slipped his mind! (Still, who can blame him?)

"I’m Shindou Takuto."

Anonymous: shindou, you are the coolest fighter.

Shindou stood on a boat, letting his hair sway in the light wind, looking out over the sea. It had been a while since he’d been on a boat. Still, it was pleasant enough, the weather was good, and he relaxed as an island came into view. Ah, that must be his destination, mustn’t it?

Hold on.


When did he get on a boat?

Oh no, no. Shindou struggled with his memories as the boat tore through the sea towards the island.  The last thing he remembered was leaving his room to go to morning practice. That’s right. That morning (this morning…? How long had it been?!), one of the butlers had handed him an unusual letter, which requesting his attendance at a prestigious school. Academia Mare, was it…? Naturally, at the time, Shindou had dismissed it and asked one of the house staff to throw it away. He wouldn’t want to leave Raimon for anything. He remembered thinking that, packing his sports bag and leaving to meet his team.

And yet here he was, on a boat stopping at an island he’d never even seen before. This must have some connection to that letter. He looked around as the boat came to a halt, and picked up his bag (which, he noted, was the one he’d packed before he left to go to practice; it still contained his kit, among other necessities) before stepping off the boat and beginning to make his way towards the building. It didn’t really look like a school (more like a castle of sorts) so he was unsure if it was actually the place mentioned in that damn letter, but Shindou just sighed, figuring that reaching it was his best bet at finding answers. That, or asking the other people walking around the island. Were they all in the same situation, he wondered?

"Excuse me," he calls after someone that just walked past, adjusting his own pace so as to catch them up. "Do you know anything about this place…?"





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